At Rees Law Firm, we offer comprehensive legal services for individuals who are facing any type of personal injury, criminal, or family law issue, regardless of how challenging or complex. Our “Best of the Best Attorney” Mark Rees is a seasoned lawyer located in Jonesboro, Arkansas with over two decades of experience successfully trying cases as well as settling highly contentious legal matters. He is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in Arkansas and tackles each client matter with diligence, compassion and respect. If you wish to meet with Attorney Rees, contact us today at (870) 931-2100 or online to schedule your free and completely confidential case evaluation. Don’t wait to obtain the skillful representation you need, as your time to file may be limited.



Arkansas law provides that when an individual is injured as a result of the negligence of another person or entity, he or she has the right to file a lawsuit in order to recover damages. Damages awarded by the courts typically include pain and suffering, medical expenses, property damages, lost wages and other damages, depending upon the specific facts of your case. Arkansas is a “modified comparative fault” state, meaning that an injured party may be held responsible for their contribution to an accident. Otherwise stated, an injured party’s right to recover damages may be reduced or diminished if they were partially at fault for the accident. Whether you were injured in a car crash or any other type of accident, highly experienced Attorney Mark Rees will fight by your side to hold those liable for your injuries and for you to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Car & Motorcycle Accidents

Our law firm diligently represents those were injured in a car or motorcycle accident. Whether you were the driver or passenger, we will fight hard for you to recover damages such as pain and suffering, lost wages, property damages, and much more, depending upon the unique facts of your case. Insurance companies pursue every avenue possible to minimize their liability and damages. As such, you require the assistance of a seasoned personal injury attorney who is adept at handling even the most “lawyered up” insurance company and aggressive defense counsel. Contact Attorney Mark Rees now to receive the diligent and effective representation you deserve.

Trucking Accidents

Most truckers are law abiding citizens however, some engage in risky behaviors that cause serious injuries and even death to other motorists on the road. The trucking industry is highly regulated and when accidents happen, the resulting lawsuits are rigorously defended. That is why you need a qualified attorney who knows the ins and outs of trucking accident cases, no matter how challenging or complex. If you were injured in a trucking accident, contact Attorney Mark Rees now to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Wrongful Death

At Rees Law Firm, we represent surviving family members in cases where their loved one was killed as a result of the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of others. Wrongful death cases can be difficult and are often highly contested. In addition, insurance companies want to limit their exposure to the fullest extent in personal injury cases, especially when a person has been killed. Don’t want to receive the aggressive representation you deserve, as you time to file a wrongful death suit may be limited. If your loved one has been killed and you want to learn more about your legal options, contact Attorney Mark Rees today.


Family law cases can be difficult to bear for all parties involved, including the children of the marriage. At Rees Law Firm, we compassionately represent clients facing all types of family law matters, including without limitation, divorce, child support and custody, orders of protection, paternity, alimony, post-divorce modifications, and much more. We provide thoughtful and personal guidance so that our clients can make informed choices during each step of their case, effectively deal with the issues, and move on with their lives once it is over.


If you are being threatened with a divorce by your spouse, have already been served with divorce papers, or are just considering your divorce options, call our law firm for your free and completely confidential consultation. Whether you are seeking to file an uncontested divorce matter or are dealing with a contentious high asset divorce case, Attorney Mark Rees has the experience you need to assist you. Do not delay to receive the diligent representation you need to protect your legal rights to child custody, debt division, and the equitable distribution of marital assets.


If you are the father of a child and wish to establish legal rights, or you wish to legally establish the identify of your child’s father, we can help. At Rees Law Firm, we have been successfully representing individuals facing these types of legal challenges for over 20 years.


Are you to looking to become a legal guardian over an elderly loved one or a child? Attorney Mark Rees can help you navigate through the legal process to help you obtain legal guardianship over a child or a disabled or incapacitated loved one.


Whether you are facing potential liability for alimony or wish to fight for your right to receive it, contact Attorney Mark Rees now. For over two decades, Attorney Mark Rees has successfully represented clients facing even the most challenging alimony matter. Don’t wait – contact Rees Law Firm to obtain the aggressive representation you need to either fight for or contest alimony.

Child Support & Visitation

The Rees Law Firm diligently assists individuals with child support and child visitation legal issues such as post-judgment modifications of child support, visitation rights, parental relocation matters and all other areas of child support and visitation. Contact Attorney Mark Rees now to learn more about how he can help you.

Child Custody

Child custody is often the most highly contested matter of a divorce case. Arkansas courts grant child custody awards in accordance with the welfare and best interests of the child. If you require assistance with a child custody matter whether during or after a divorce case, contact the Rees Law Firm for your free case review.

Orders of Protection

Are you afraid for you or your child’s safety? Or, are you facing charges of domestic violence and require a criminal defense lawyer? Attorney Mark Rees assist you in seeking an Ex Parte Order of Protection and file your copies with the police and the court. Moreover, for those facing domestic violence charges, he has the legal experience necessary to help minimize or even dismiss the charges against you. Contact the Rees Law Firm immediately to obtain the seasoned legal help you need.


Facing a criminal law case can be frightening, and without aggressive limitation, can impact your life for years to come. Penalties for a criminal offense in Arkansas can include steep legal fines, jail time, loss of your license, the inability to obtain gainful employment and housing, loss of the right to own a firearm, and much more. Whether you have been charged with a DWI/DUI, domestic violence, or a felony, misdemeanor or drug related offense, you need a seasoned criminal defense attorney by your side to ensure that your legal rights are protected and who has the skills and experience necessary to seek a reduction or even dismissal of the charges against you. Don’t wait to make the call – contact Attorney Mark Rees immediately to protect your life and your livelihood.


Were you arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol? If you were arrested for DWI/DUI and your charges include additional charges for property damage, personal injuries to other or manslaughter, the penalties you face are enormous and life changing. As soon as you are arrested, you need seasoned criminal defense attorney Mark Rees by your side to protect your constitutional rights and interests, every step of the way.

Misdemeanor Defense

At Rees Law Firm, we take misdemeanor charges very seriously, despite the fact that many consider them less serious than a felony. Misdemeanor convictions can drastically affect your life, and can still lead to jail time, monetary fines, loss of gainful employment, the inability to find suitable housing, and a prohibition from owning a firearm under federal law. And, if someone has been convicted of a misdemeanor in the past, the prosecutor and court will be more likely to impose a harsher sentence for future convictions. To protect your life and livelihood, contact Attorney Mark Rees now.

Felony Defense

At Rees Law Firm, we believe that every client is innocent until proven guilty and as such, we will provide you with the most aggressive defense possible. Our legal team will investigate every lead and opportunity to damage the State of Arkansas’ case against you. If you are facing any type of felony charges, you must give yourself a chance to receive a fair trial resulting in either an acquittal or a reduction in charges. Contact seasoned criminal defense attorney Mark Rees now to receive the aggressive representation you deserve.

Drug Offenses

In Arkansas, drug charges are aggressively prosecuted and can range from drug manufacturing, dealing, possession, possession with the intent to sell, and trafficking. Having a drug charge on your record can result in severe sanctions and other serious consequences. That is why it is critical that you seek highly qualified legal counsel immediately to protect your legal rights and interests to the fullest extent possible. Contact Attorney Mark Rees now to learn more about how he can make a difference for you.

Domestic Violence

Allegations or charges of domestic violence are serious and can lead to life altering consequences including the loss of your right to own a firearm, jail time, stiff fines, loss of employment, unfavorable outcomes in a divorce, child visitation and/or child custody cases, and permanent damage to your reputation. If you are facing allegations or charges of domestic abuse, the time to act is now. Contact Attorney Mark Rees to receive the most aggressive legal representation possible.

At Rees Law Firm, Our Clients Always Come First

At Rees Law Firm, we pride ourselves on the high level of attention each of our clients receive and work hard to ensure that their legal rights and interests are protected during every step of their case. Whether you are facing a personal injury, criminal or family law matter, Attorney Mark Rees has over two decades of legal experience to effectively represent you. Don’t wait, as your time to file a lawsuit may be limited. To learn more about how Attorney Mark Rees can make a difference for you, contact us at (870) 931-2100 or online to schedule your free and completely confidential consultation.



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